DB300    SD3.0-SATA Bridge Controller
DB300-DK  DB300 Evaluation Reference Board

<DB300 Reference & Evaluation Board (DB300-DK)>

 DB300-DK is customer's reference and evaluation board.
 It has 2 SD Slots, SATA connector and operating mode switch.
 (DB300-DK Board Size: 69.85mm x 90mm)

DB300: In Mass Production
 DB300-DK: Available


  DB300 is a SD to SATA Bridge LSI which is compliant with the latest SD Standard 3.0 (SDXC & UHS-I) and
  SATA Standard 2.6 (1.5Gbps: Gen1). 
  It simply converts high speed (Up to UHS-1) and high capacity (up to 2TB) SD card to SATA storage device and enables
  high speed data transfer without any special SD Software driver.
  DB300 executes SD card and SATA Host initialization quickly and autonomously, so that it will be also used as program storage to
  boot products like conventional SATA I/F HDD or SSD.
  DB300 has dual SD Host controllers, so that it enables to build RAID/JBOD and Dual Storage operation.
  In Dual Storage mode, build in SD-DMA function can transfer data between 2 SD cards without any CPU interruption.
Standard - Comply with SD Physical Specification version3.0.1
 Supported Capacity: SDSC, SDHC, SDXC
 Supported Bus Speed: DS, HS, SDR12, SDR25, SDR50, SDR104 (Max: 200MHz)
- Comply with Serial ATA Specification version2.6 1.5Gbps (Gen1) 
 SATA Power Management (Partial/Slumber)
Operating Supply Voltage

- Main: 3.3V
- SATA PHY & PLL: 1.2V (DCDC Converter Integrated for Internal Core Logic Supply 1.2V)
- UHS-1 SD Buffer IO: 1.8V

Operating Temperture -20℃〜85℃
Clock Frequency System Reference clock  Max.50MHz,  SATA Reference clock  50MHz (Fixed)
Integrated Function CPU ARM7TDMI, ROM, RAM, CPU Peripheries1, SATA Device PHY, SD-UHS-1 SDIF-IO,
Dual SD Host controller, Intelligent SATA-SD Bridge Engine
Program Boot Mode External SPI Flash Mode, Integrated ROM Mode
Operating Mode Single Storage Mode SATA Storage Device with 1 SD Card
Dual Storage Mode SATA Storages with 2 SD Cards (Selecting Dev0 or Dev1)
Striping Mode (RAID0) Striping RAID-SATA Storages with 2 SD Cards
Mirroring Mode (RAID1) Mirroring SATA Storage with 2 SD Cards
JBOD Mode High Capacity SATA Storage with 2 SD Cards
ATA Command Set ATA Standard Command, Media Card Pass Through Command, 48bit Address Feature Set,
Removable Media Status Notification
Power Consumption Typical 0.2 - 0.3 W (depend on Operation mode & Bus Speed, not included SD Card Power Consumption)
Throughput (Reference) Read/Write Speed: over 80 MByte/Sec reached (depend on platform)
Power Management Support SATA Partial/Slumber mode
Package 96pin FBGA (6mm×6mm×1.15mm) (Ball Pitch 0.5mm)
Other RoHS compliant
<Block Diagram>
  Compact Digital Camera, Digital SLR camera, Digital Video, Security Camera, PC and PC Peripherals,
  Multi-Function Printer, Digital TV, Digital Media Player and Recorder, Tablet, Car Navigation, etc.
<Operating Mode and Configurations>
   DB300 supports below operating modes.