CG200     SD/SDIO Host Controller
   CG200EDK  CG200 Reference Evaluation Board
CG200 is an SD/SDIO Host controller device that supports High Speed SD Card Specification.
CG200 enables SD and SDIO Combo function easily; for example, IEEE802.11g and SD Memory card because CG200
supports dual SDIO host capabilities. CG200 registers are compliant with SD Host Controller Standard Specifiaction Version 1.0.
In addition, CG200 supports various interfaces such as IDE, PCI and Generic 8/16/32 bit loca bus linterface.
In IDE interface mode, CG200 transfers data with Ultra DMA mode 3 (Ultra ATA/44) and achieves SD Memory card throughput upto
20MB/s when using high speed SD Memory card.
CG200 IDE interface directly accesses SD Memory card, so that SD Memory card is used on PC system with IDE driver in OS.
■ Support SD Specification
 - SD Host Controller Standard Specification Version 1.0
 - SD Physical Layer Specification Version 2.0
■ Support Dual Slot
 - Support High Speed SD Memory card
   (Max. Throughput: 20MB/s at SD Clock 50MHz)
 - Support SDIO
■ Flexible and Various mode (See Fig.2)
 - IDE-SD Bridge Mode
  (Support Ultra DMA mode3 - Ultra ATA/44)
 - PCI Bus Mode
  Support PCI Local Bus Specification ver.2.3 (32bit/33MHz)
  Support CLKRUN#
 - Generic CPU 8/16/32bit Bus Mode
  Separate Address and Data Bus
■ Low Power Design by Automatic Suspend SD Clock Bus control
■ Package 
 - 144pin VFBGA (8mm x 8mm x 1.0mm)
 - 128pin LQFP (14mm x 14mm x 1.6mm)

CG200EDK is a reference evaluation board.
CG200EDK has 2 SD slots, PCI connector, IDE header, CPU bus interface header.
It is easy to plug in PC system and helps CG200 evaluation and software development.