CG100    SDIO Card Controller
 CG100EDK  CG100 Reference Evaluation Board
CG100 is an SDIO card controller device that connects an SDIO Host to SDIO card application and is developed
as an SDIO controller suitable for communication functions.

With its high speed UART, various SDIO card applications are enabled such as Bluetooth, GPS, PHS and modems.
It also has a maximum 8-bit GPIO and its internal CPU provides flexibiity, enhancing compatibility with various applications.
■ Compliant with SDIO Specification Version 1.0
■ Support SD-4bit mode, SD-1bit mode, SPI mode
■ 16550 High Speed-UART inside CG100 as Function1
■ 8bit GPIO (MAX)
■ I2C Serial memory Interface for Serial EEPROM
 (load or Upload CPU Firmware and CIS/CSA)
■ Package : 85pin CVBGA (6mm x 6mm x 0.89mm)
CG100 Block Diagram
CG100EDK is to evaluate CG100 and a reference board to develop SDIO card prototype.
CG100EDK has a UART DB9 connector, and it helps to ease SDIO card development and application software development while using an UART interface device.

CG100EDK includes;
■ CG100
■ I2C Serial EEPROM
■ UART DB9 Connector
■ SDIO Card Plug Connector (Option)
■ AC Adapter Connector (Power Supply Connector)